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Experienced Chandelier & Lamp Repair Specialist in the Waterloo Region Since 2006
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  Lighting changes on a daily basis. This is 

  why I am so fascinated in lighting. I 

  especially love Antique Lighting. Repairing

  and restoring antique lights and bringing it

  back to its glory is my passion. I have the 

  skill to detect problems in lamps. Many

  customers have asked for advice regarding

  their lamp repair, I have the knowledge

  and background to have the answers.


  Many times customers needed my services

  quickly, for a party, moving away or any

  special function. I have risen to the

  occasion even when busy.



 May 5, 2014




One Goal, One Passion

Providing Great Customer Service & Keeping Ontario Safe !





What Customers Are Saying.... 
Hi David,

" I'm delighted with the work you did on my two lighting fixtures,here are some photos for you, .....Many thanks. "

                                   Fran Devlin, Milton,ON

" Just a quick note to say the halogen light and fan are working perfectly – again, many thanks as you are the only guy in the Kit-Wat-Guelph area who was able and willing to do this and you saved me the $300 cost of buying a new one! "


                          Andrew Yorke, Kitchener, ON




 "Everything arrived yesterday evening - perfect condition - what a great packing job !!!! I will most certainly keep you in mind and will be telling my friends about you as well . "


                                    Laura L, Toronto, ON

A Green Business


The Lightng Guy is PROUD to say his business is GREEN. Less waste of lamps, chandeliers in LANDFILLS when consumers have an option to repair and  restore.







The Lighting Guy is committed in preserving our fragile environment. Reducing waste has been my number one priority since opening the business doors in 2006. I go way beyond recycling old lamps that come our way or repairs. I recycle the old parts they generate as well. Right down to the nuts and bolts.



 In fact, here are some of the things I recycled...


  • All brass, copper, aluminum, steel,


  • All corrugated cardboard boxes from

               shipments and parts.
All paperboard

               and junk mail
  • All #1 and #2 plastics.
  • Broken glass
  • All re-usable parts, nuts and bolts.



Go to to find your closest recycling facility by Postal Code.  




Green TipsDid you know where to properly dispose of compact flourecsent light bulbs? While you may not have abilities to create a bulb deposit, online tools are consumers locate where to recycle. Read Complete Article